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The same uniform is worn by all pipers and drummers in the Defence Forces with slight variation for each corp.
..The Air Corp wear blue glengarry caps, blue military jackets, saffron kilts with blue kilt hose and shoe buckles on their brogues.
The Infantry or ground forces wear a black baret/caubeen type cap with saffron trim and tails, a green military jacket, saffron kilt, dark green kilt hose with shoe buckles on their brogues. The Forces #1 dress does not include a sporran our pouch. This item is only seen in casual dress. In all cases except extreme casual dress a saffron colored brath is worn over the left shoulder with a kilmainham brooch attached.
This #1 dress includes a white shirt and tie.
As you will see in the photo galleries the Forces also have tropical and casual performance dress uniforms as well. On some of the more casual times you wiil notice that they are not wearing caps.
While on UN peace keeping duty  they wear the blue UN baret with UN cap badge, blue ascot around the neck and a UN patch on the sleeve.
The cap badge of the Forces can be seen on this site Homepage. It is based on the badge of the Volunteers of the early 1900's.