Irish Warpipe

Suggested Reading

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Below is a short list of books and publications that can aid in research on the history and use of the Warpipe.
1. The Pipes and drums of the London Irish 1906-2006. By George Willis and George P Willis. An excellent history by a father and son members of the regiment which is available on line at: It's too big to be "previewed" and then "scanned by google for viruses" but it easily down loads and I can assure you there are no viruses.
      An excellent history by a father and son
      members of the regiment.
2.   Clear the Way  by Richard Doherty.
      The story of the Irish Brigade in WWII.
3.   Wild Geese are Flighting  by John Horsfal.
      The story of the Irish Fusiliers in North
      Africa during WWII.
4.   The Royal Irish Fusiliers by Henry Harris.
      The history of the regiment from its
       formation till the amalgamation in 1968.
5.    The Faugh a Ballagh Journal.
       This was the official journal of the Royal
        Irish Fusiliers.
6.     Regiment Magazine. Issue numbers 41
        and 42.
        The entire content of both issues was
        devoted to the History of the Royal Irish. 
7.     Regiment Magazine issue number 59.
        This issue devoted to the Irish Guards.
8.      Irish Regiments in the World Wars by
         David Murphy.
         The title sums it up.
9.      The Irish Regiments 1683-1999 by
          R G Harris.
          Excellent reference for details on every
          Irish regiment from past to present.
10.    The Irish Guards the First 100 years
         1900-2000 by various writers from the
          ranks of the regiment.
11.     Front of the Line by Colin Gunner.
          The WWII exploits of a soldier who 
           was proud to be tranfered into the
           Royal Irish Fusiliers.    
12.      Fling our Banner to the Wind by Col
           John Horsfal.
           Details  WWII adventures in Italy.
13.      The Micks by Peter Verney. The Story of the Irish
14.        Father Dolly The Guardsman Monk by Dom Rudesind
              Brookes, Titular Abbot of Sherbourne. The  
              autobiography of the Roman Catholic Chaplain to
              the Irish Guards in World Wars I and II.