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The Irish Guards Drums and Pipes

The Pipers Kit

The uniform of the pipers of the Irish Guards is a variation of the standard Irish regiment issue.
The cap is the traditional dark green caubeen. Attached to it is a larger version of the regimental cap badge. This badge is worn with a light blue hackle.
The tunic is a military style dark green with features unique to the Guards. Only the Pipe Major wears silver piping on the garment.
The kilt is the traditional Irish saffron garment. attached to the right side of the over apron are two round green felt circles with small celtic brooches that are used in place of a kilt pin.
The kilt hose are a dark green help up by saffron flashes and the brogue shoes have a large tongue or leather flap that covers the laces but are without the traditional buckles.
The pipers wear a dark green cloak in cooler weather.

While the cap badge and hackle are worn on the right side of the caubeen, this has not always been the case. The Micks did not have a pipe band until 1916, ten years after the London Irish took up the pipes. The first twelve pipers of the Micks were trained by the London Irish. Later the Guards pipers moved their cap badge to the right side in a tribute of thanks to the London Irish who also wear theirs on the right side.
The Micks remain the only Irish regiment to not wear shoe buckles on their brogues. When the pipe band was ready to make its first public performance the uniform was ready except for the brogue shoes. The shoemaker  cut down some boots to make the extended tongue and could not find any suitable buckles in time for the performance. As a result, to this day the pipers do not wear buckles.

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