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The Irish Guards Drums and Pipes

War Record
         The Victoria Cross is the highest award given to a soldier in the British army. Six of these medals have been awarded to the Micks. The regiment has all six crosses. It remains the only regiment to hold all crosses awarded to it. This is only one example of the pride and esteem the soldiers and their families hold for the regiment.
The Cross holders are:
L/cpl  Michael O'Leary, WWI
L.sjt  John Moyney, WWI
Pvt   Thomas Woodcock,WWI
Lt.   J.N. Marshall, WWI
L/c  John Patrick Kenneally, WWII
Guardsman  Edward Charlton, WWII 
The Micks have many other medals and awards, far too many to list on this site. But one other must be mentioned. It was the the Military Cross awarded to Fr Brooks (also known by the nickname Fr. Dolly) a Roman Catholic Benedictine monk who was a Mick and Chaplain to the regiment.
Below is the recommendation for the medal written by Lieutenant Colonel C.A. Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Officer Cammanding 1st Bn Irish Guards.


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